We offers services and products that involves
with textiles includes women’s wear,Umrah and Hajj clothings and needs.

Kiswah Zainab is wholly owned by PermataZaba Resources with 100% Bumiputera status. Permata Zaba Resources was established in November 2013. Formerly known as Almiera Busana and diversified to newly Kiswah Zainab which now covers range of Umrah and Hajj products.It is owned and manages by Mrs Zamira Azmin Arifin who is the founder of Almiera Busana Boutique

Our Vision

To supply comfortable and premium quality
clothings and necessitites for Hajj and Umrah

Our Mission

To supply syariah compliance clothing for muslimah
all over Malaysia and to open Kiswah Zainab outlet nation wide as
reliable branding

Our Motto

“Rahsia Hijrah Cinta”
It’s all about the secret of Hijrah to the one and only